Thursday, 11 April 2013


Ok, my biggest problem on this was creating rivets. I had seen it done with pin heads or cut up plastic. But they all seemed well hard work. One day whilst with the missus in a craft shop I has an epiphany.... SEQUINS.. they would be perfect... so next came the mildly expensive testing phase. The anotomically correct ones had a problem though. Once covered with paint you could barely make them out. what you wanted was something that LOOKED like plate steel had been added

Test 1:

These ones worked great in the end

Bling indeed. Next was to mark up the bolt holes and work away.

and the roof

Perfect.. All Van-Jazzled up now...

Scalpel made short work of some armour plate (card)

Front (with a machine gun from 6MillPhil)

And finito...

It will be going in for a spray of Army painters Army Green as soon as rain stops and I can get set up outside.

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  1. Looking very nice indeed - great idea for the rivets.